Web Design Successes

I browsed coroflot.com and rhizome.org looking for artists that had websites that appealed to me.  I found that I preferred simple, memorable sites that were striking, but not overly complex or cluttered.  Here are a few I especially liked:

Eric LeMay – http://ericlemay.org/

The huge full moon background is simple, aesthetically pleasing, and quite memorable.  I also liked the video that played only when the mouse was hovering over its box and the subtle, unobtrusive music.  Eric LeMay’s work is organized well, with picture icons for various works that offer more information if the mouse pauses upon the image.

James R Ford –  http://www.jamesrford.com/

I also really liked James Ford’s background of a plate of gummy worms.  These memorable backgrounds immediately offer a bit of personality to the sites.  This site has the artist’s name with four white headings beneath it, clearly and simply organizing his work and information about him.  Ford’s “Works” page once clicked on is very clean and effective with engaging images above the name of the piece.

One more site I admire for its design is a humorous blog by Allie Brosh: http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/

Its banner graphics show some of her most memorable drawings that have accompanied past posts.  Brosh’s purposefully crude and amateur style of drawing adds immeasurably to the humor of her posts.  This style is continuous throughout the entire design of the site, including in links on the side of the site to facebook and twitter, and even the copyright message at the bottom of the homepage.  Brosh’s style instantly and forcefully gives her blog personality and a very unique aesthetic.

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