Project 3 Critique

We are still not yet done critiquing project 3, but what we have critiqued so far has been very interesting.  Many people showed a transformation of self in their projects and connected strong ideas to their work.  For example, one piece showed the artist transforming from a barbie back into her natural, true self.  Her message was one of self acceptance and resistance to societal beauty pressures and conformity.

Another transformative piece showed the trajectory of thought and inspiration.  As the series progressed, a repeated picture of the artist was altered to show colorful designs and shrubbery-like imagery emerging from his head.  Still others showed a transformation of the real, photographed version of themselves into an animated persona.

The various ways my peers represented themselves was very intriguing.  Some of us decided to show what influences who we are and who we have become, while others prefer to show the numerous sides that exist within the person they are.  I found it a nice challenge to imagine how my self-portraits would be altered if I approached them from the perspectives of some of my peers.

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  1. IZcool says:

    Very good blog!!! I love the way you presented this!! 🙂

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