Maya vs. Photoshop

Maya and Photoshop  are alike in that at the beginning of this class I was completely new to both of them.  However, they are totally and completely different as I  become more comfortable with them.  Photoshop was more intuitive to me, probably because it is used more broadly and widely than Maya.  Also, I had heard terms and the names of tools of Photoshop before in conversation.  (And some aspects of Photoshop are similar to simple “Paint” programs.  Working in 3D also makes Maya much more complex.  You never get a full view of your work and have to be conscious of all sides and the object’s placement in your scene.  Maya’s capabilities for animation are quite amazing though.  Characters can be created, stored, and manipulated.  This is wildly different than the storyboard animation process I always envisioned.

I have had some experience with digital 3D modeling in the past in my Calculus classes.  We had to use Maple, a program in which we plugged in equations and graphed the resulting functions in space.  Maya is quite different in that the 3D creations within it are malleable with tools, whereas in Maple the only tool of transformation was the mathematical input.

I am much more comfortable working with my hands than on a computer, so I never imagined really utilizing programs such as Maya in my work.  However, as I become more comfortable and competent with Maya, I am sure I will realize ways I can utilize the program in my own work.  Also, I am realizing that at least rudimentary skills in these digital programs are essential to be competitive and up to date in today’s art and design world.

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